Milk kan wat u see aint wat u get

Gender: female
Age: 53
Sexual orientation: Straight
ZIP code/Country: *** / Germany
Spoken Languages: German
Height: m

"”High-quality product that’s easy on the stomach and didn’t leave me—someone who’s highly sensitive to stimulants—with the slightest shake. Packaging is good and instructions concise. Combined with a low-carb/high-protein diet, and an exercise routine anchored to compound movements (., dead lift, squat, bench, etc.), I really feel like I pushed through a wall. I usually take my second daily dose after I’ve eaten my last calories of the day.”"

NL rated most unfriendly country for expats. http:///ewlSBp I’d like to disagree cause I don’t like Forbes Mag…. US-centric rating.

Bella: Dear emma and dasiy i am very for saying all the mean names to you i just git mad at you when you say mean things to me and i git very upset ans very mad and you tell other people and then they come to me say is that true is what true i say what then it just make me very sad that you make stuff up like that pleas stop. - emma and dasiy